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04 / 17

9 reasons to buy or sell in July Even though Toronto’s real estate market is still hot, it’s also seasonal. It peaks in spring and gradually falls through the rest of the year, with a slight bump up around October. Only the hardy will venture out in the depths of winter to pursue that ultimate […]

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House hunting is surely one of the most exciting steps in the home-buying process; there’s the thrill of the hunt, a new space to make your own, and a new neighbourhood to explore. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, are looking to relocate, or need to downsize, it always pays to learn as much as you […]

31 / 16

Breaking Down the New Changes to Mortgage Rules What does this mean? The Department of Finance has implemented new mortgage rules with new restrictions in hopes to slow down the booming Toronto and Vancouver home markets. This may slow down and moderate the appreciation of home price appreciation year over year. The value of homes have […]

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Credit Score Woes? How strong is your credit? Cleaning up your credit is essential before you make any major financial moves. Credit score woes can hurt your chances of being able to open a credit card, apply for a loan, purchase a car, or rent an apartment. It is especially important to have clean credit […]