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Breaking Down the New Changes to Mortgage Rules What does this mean? The Department of Finance has implemented new mortgage rules with new restrictions in hopes to slow down the booming Toronto and Vancouver home markets. This may slow down and moderate the appreciation of home price appreciation year over year. The value of homes have […]

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Rent vs. Buy? We ordered a pizza a few months ago, and our favorite delivery guy asked, Garry you are a Mississauga Real Estate Agent, right? Yes, I said, why do you ask? Should I buy a house now? I am worried the prices are too high! My first question and immediate response is always, […]

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Facing a life changing event like getting a divorce and selling the family home can be very stressful on everyone. Therefore, it is best to be informed as much as possible and have a plan to follow. Here are a few points to get started on the right path moving forward. Acknowledge you need to […]

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Practical thoughts for the well-informed house-hunter. People sell their homes for many reasons. They may be up-sizing or downsizing. They may be relocating. They may have had a change in family structure. And they may have come to truly dislike their neighbours. As buyer agents working in Mississauga; we try to remove risks and avoid […]