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Selling your home and making it a summer dream home for buyers in the summertime can be a great opportunity to attract buyers. Having your home “summer-ready” can increase the chances of it selling faster. Searching for homes often increases just as schools let out and families have some extra time to begin the hunt […]

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Facing a life changing event like getting a divorce and selling the family home can be very stressful on everyone. Therefore, it is best to be informed as much as possible and have a plan to follow. Here are a few points to get started on the right path moving forward. Acknowledge you need to […]

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In a fast-moving real estate market, it’s difficult to understand how or why some homes don’t find a buyer the first time they’re listed. Why is it that some houses sell, and others don’t? In our experience, there’s usually a clear reason, and more often than not it has little to do with the house […]

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The other day, we had an agent at our door, asking if we wanted to sell our house. To sum it up, his pitch was basically that the real estate market was hot, and that we could expect a great price for our house if we did sell. So we said to him “Great, but […]