Divorce and Selling the family home

Divorce and Selling the family home

Facing a life changing event like getting a divorce and selling the family home can be very stressful on everyone. Therefore, it is best to be informed as much as possible and have a plan to follow.

Here are a few points to get started on the right path moving forward.

  • Acknowledge you need to seek out and agree with your current partner on which real estate team to hire?
  • Understand you both will play a role in the process. One of you may be best suited to handle the day-to-day tasks.
  • Interview a agents who have experience in dealing with transitions. Be honest and open with all of them. Let the agents know what is important to you and what you expect from them.
  • Choose an evening to interview when the kids can be at the grandparents or friends. This way there will be fewer distractions and less stress for the children.
  • Know you are looking for a real estate team with understanding, respect and strategies to handle current emotions or negative atmosphere.
  • You are selling the “house”. Be invisible. Buyers and their agents need to be alone. Being present, makes the process more difficult than it need be.
  • **Key Point: Your agent is “representing” the house, featuring the area, the lifestyle, the matrimonial home. Not either person individually.

Experienced agents will provide support and sensitivity, allowing you whatever time you need to make decisions. Yes, it can be a challenge. Yes, it might be difficult. But with the right agent first, a plan to follow, guidelines and checklists, you will have a better understanding of the process to achieve your goals with success.

If you are having a real difficult time with the whole idea, we suggest thinking about the process like getting up and going to work. You have a role to play and a job to do. The better you are at your role, the higher the return for your efforts. Sales proceeds from the matrimonial home are tax-free. So work three times as hard to obtain the best end results.

Our Free Guide to Selling your Home, includes the best tips and checklist from 29+ years experience. We have helped many individuals/families through this process and drafted this guide to be a road map to beginning the selling process for success. It’s helpful and loaded with insights to getting you on the right path.

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If you are newly single, and would like to receive our Buyers Guide, its FREE for you to download, and is loaded with great tips to ensure you are following the steps of the buying process. Although you may have purchased before, and it my seem like you know the process, we have checklists, budgeting maps, guides and PRO Tips that will re-new your understanding and help avoid you making mistakes, many newly signal people sometimes make.


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