Clarkson is a fantastic place for first-time home buyers.

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Our clients looking to buy a home in Clarkson are often first time home buyers – and in our experience they’re starting in the right place. The area offers a lot of opportunities in a range of home styles, from towns, semi's and detached dwellings with smaller lots.

Appealing Locale

The Clarkson Village has restaurants and small shops, but the overall tone leans away from trendy and more towards well-established. It’s the difference between a bakery that everyone’s flocking to, and the bakery that’s been there forever. Less flash, more substance. The village is a lot more inviting and accessible, and the prices will not keep people away.

The area has a really unique family culture with more two-story, four bedroom homes than you would find to the East or West. The price points here are also better than you would find in Port Credit. It was built in the late 60s and early 70s, which led to a much more family-friendly sense of community.

Friendly and Approachable

For the most part, the lot sizes and Clarkson are less than expansive, but not tiny. And while you won’t see sidewalks in Port credit, the streets of Clarkson have that groomed, suburban, sidewalk-lined look.

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