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Lorne Park is a beautiful Mississauga neighbourhood that’s well suited for families who are looking for a stately and quiet lifestyle. Located between Port Credit and Clarkson, Lorne Park real estate features massive 200 to 300 foot lots with large, two-story homes that feature two car garages and backyard pools. It is perfect for well-established families who are looking to stay in the neighbourhood and raise their children. Lorne Park offers some of the best schools in Mississauga.


Lorne Park real estate is priced in the multimillion-dollar category. The neighborhood could be characterized as a high-end suburban enclave. It features a beautiful canopy of old growth trees, wide roads, and stately homes that are set comfortably back from the street. The well-kept and maintained character of the houses and community reflects the strength and commitment of the local ratepayers association.


Most homeowners in Lorne Park tend to be from the executive set, and you can expect to see nice cars in their driveways. The houses here are beautiful, but it's not uncommon to find the older ones being knocked down, with new-builds going up in their place. In Lorne Park the sense of history gives way to the sense of grandeur.


Completely opposite to the situation in Port credit, houses available in Lorne Park don't usually get multiple offers. Rather, they stay on the market until the right buyer finds them. The result is that there are opportunities to get into Lorne Park for the people who are financially set to do so, but they rarely if ever find a “bargain.” This is very much a you-get-what-you-pay-for community. On the other hand, if you are spending at this level, you can probably get more house for your dollar in Lorne Park than in Port Credit.

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