Mimico and Alderwood

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When clients tell us that they’re looking for a home in Mimico or Alderwood, we’re always happy to tell them that there’s lots of choice. But also that the area offers quite a lot of variety in terms of style and size of home.

The easternmost part of the area is a narrowing of land between the Gardiner Expressway and the Lakeshore. From just west of Parklawn East to the Humber River, there is an incredible number of condo developments either just completed, under construction, or still at the planning stage. The area was formerly home to a number of industrial businesses and a strip of hotels/motels along the waterfront.

Condo Opportunities

For buyers interested in a condo with great access to the city, we frequently advise them to start here. The size of the units tends to be more appropriate for young singles, or investment properties (for rental income) rather than homeowners who may be thinking about downsizing.

West of this narrowing, Mimico opens up into a wide neighbourhood of smaller residential homes, mainly built between the early 1900s and the postwar period. The lots tend to be smaller, and the homes more suited to young couples without children. But the price points in the neighborhood make it an excellent place to consider for a first home.

Lakeshore Proximity

Throughout Mimico, Lakeshore Road pretty much separates the neighborhood into two parts. To the south, there is better access to the Lake. To the north, there is still a nice suburban feel. Lakeshore Road itself offers much of the character of the area. It is a wide and grand, with streetcar service connecting Longbranch to the West with the Queen streetcar terminus to the east. Together with the GO station, and easy access to the Gardiner Expressway, the downtown core is readily accessible.

Parks and Attractions

Throughout the district, there are numerous parks and green spaces. There are also a variety of small, local shopping districts – including grocery stores, convenience stores, a good selection of restaurants and other services and even some appealing pubs and nightspots.

Resources For Buyers

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