Mineola West and East

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For clients looking for a prestige neighbourhood, we might recommend that they buy a home in Mineola. Located North of the tracks between Credit River and the creek, Mineola is a small pocket of Port credit.

Upscale Choice

While Mineola can have entry prices above $1 million, there is a definite divide between the East and the West. The East is more recently developed and features newer homes and more affordable price points. The West features older homes, a more stately character and a mature canopy of trees. The homes here are quite beautiful, with prices as high as $5 million.

The Credit Valley Reserve, a local residents Association, exerts strong influence in restricting development here. The benefit of this is that it maintains the character of the neighbourhood and prevents development for the sake of development. The look and design of the homes here is quite consistent as a result and the density is not going up. This is and will be a quiet, well-to-do neighbourhood.


The people buying here tend to be in the 35-50-year-old demographic and successful professionals. It is a prestige community with tight-knit resident involvement.

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