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The main thing we like to tell clients who are looking to buy a home in Port Credit is that it offers a good mix of housing types, with large lots and access to the city by highway or GO service.

Historic and Appealing

Located south of the Queensway, the area offers a historical, or established feeling. The houses here were definitely not built as a subdivision. Looking around you’ll get a sense of it as a series of little communities, nestled in lower Mississauga.

The heart of the community is at the Lakeshore and the Credit River. That's where you find an old-style village of shops, restaurants and services that’s kept busy throughout the days and evenings with locals enjoying their community.


The area features a lot of variety in housing type, from condo developments to smaller single homes with plenty of yard space. From a pricing point of view, you need to know that, being an established and appealing neighbourhood, the prices here are not exactly entry-level.

Port Credit caters to higher demographic and has a prestige factor. It’s not uncommon for buyers to find their way here having moved up from some of the neighborhoods to the east. You’ll find a number of 50’ lots with bungalows built-in the early 1900s and as late as the postwar period.


Once here, buyers can expect to enroll their children in one of many excellent schools. The area features terrific parkland and public facilities. It is also known for the quality of the local hockey program.

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