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04 / 17

9 reasons to buy or sell in July Even though Toronto’s real estate market is still hot, it’s also seasonal. It peaks in spring and gradually falls through the rest of the year, with a slight bump up around October. Only the hardy will venture out in the depths of winter to pursue that ultimate […]

12 / 17

In many ways, the growing popularity of craft beer is like going back to our roots, before Prohibition 100 years ago when small breweries were the norm. Today, the resurgence of micro producers speaks to a desire to go both local and organic, to appreciate quality and ambiance, and to have choice – lots of […]

25 / 17

Senior Downsizing Service Tips for Relocating Relocating from your Family home? The thought of moving is overwhelming enough. When you combine moving with downsizing, it can feel like a mountain of work and complex. Where do you start? What if you forget something? We have compiled a list of tips and recommendations for downsizing services […]

23 / 17

Farmers’ Market Locations near you It used to be that farm fresh meant you had to be on the farm to enjoy it, but not today. The ancient practice of market day in the town square has come full circle, with area farmers’ markets more popular than ever. You can’t get produce much fresher than […]