Doing a Better Job of Selling, the Second Time Around

Doing a Better Job of Selling, the Second Time Around

In a fast-moving real estate market, it’s difficult to understand how or why some homes don’t find a buyer the first time they’re listed. Why is it that some houses sell, and others don’t? In our experience, there’s usually a clear reason, and more often than not it has little to do with the house or with its owner.

If your home has been listed on the real estate market for a while, and it isn’t generating interest from prospective buyers, you’re likely to be feeling disappointed, frustrated, and upset. There are many factors at play here. Everyone will have an opinion on what’s going wrong, and if you’ve just taken your house off the market, you’ll be hearing from dozens of real estate agents – all of who “know” they can do better.

You’ll hear that it’s the price, the condition, how it was shown, or how it was marketed, but what few people will tell you is that their opinion is just that, their opinion. At the end of the day, the lack of buyer interest is the only real fact here as to why the house didn’t sell.

The fact is, you’re the one who has to decide whose point of view is likely to make the best difference. There’s more to selling a house than putting a sign on the lawn and posting it on the MLS. Your real estate agent should inspire confidence through their experience and their plan.

In a simliar situation? Here’s what you should be asking:

  • Why did we choose our last agent?
  • Did they have a strategy and a plan?
  • Did they provide us a guarantee or cancellation option?
  • Did we review the comparison sold and expired properties to ours and ask how they compared?
  • Taking a look around at your home; do we feel we showed it at its best?
  • After we signed the contract, did our agent focus mainly on price in our subsequent dealings and conversations?

Often, disappointing results are due to some basic mistakes that could have been avoided before you even hired the agent. Many real estate agents will help you plan out, set the price, and prepare your home for sale, but it should be “on you” to choose the process that will work best for your situation.

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